zoning in the 25th ward



When I ran to serve as your alderman, I made community-driven zoning a cornerstone of my platform. I saw it as critical not just for stemming the tide of displacement, but also for ensuring community voices are not just heard but determine the terms upon which a development can take root in our community.

Unlike before, there will be no more closed agendas and private meetings where backroom deals are made. Zoning Board meetings are all subject to 5 ILCS 120/Open Meetings Act, and will be made available here or at our office.

It is because of our steadfast commitment to a fair and comprehensive community-driven process that we underwent a months-long assiduous process of arriving at the guidelines and procedures all zoning decisions in the ward will be subject to. Please find embedded below a document outlining these Guidelines and Procedures. We strongly suggest that all applicants peruse this document prior to submission.